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'' I didn't know what to expect on the 6 week course and I was quite anxious prior, but Carrie put me at ease instantly. I feel like I am more mindful and I will continue to practice what I've learnt. Great 6 week course, highly recommended''.-Staff member at The Travel Innovation Group

'' very good experience, and it went above my expectations. I'll definitely keep practising on my daily life. It did help me on my mindfulness and awareness of my daily life in general. That was a really good 6 weeks and I wish you keep up the good work.''-Staff member at the Travel Innovation Group

''Since coming to your crystal meditation classes, I have been able to reduce my anti-depressant tablets, and I feel a lot better in myself''-Lady from Ellesmere Port. 

"My first experience with crystals at the introduction to crystals session. Carrie is fab, so engaging and knowledgeable. I absolutely loved the session. I learned loads and now excited to learn more and start working with crystals myself. Can’t recommend Carrie enough.''-Geraldine Parr, Ellesmere Port

''I've just attended a taster session for children working with crystals, and wow! Carrie is absolutely amazing! She was really engaging with all the kids there, and Ryan absolutely loved it! There were lots of fun activities and he came away with a deeper understanding of how to express his emotions and how understanding crystals and your chakras can really help keep yourself balanced! Afterwards he told me he felt very relaxed and he's dying to do more sessions! Thank you so much Carrie! Can't recommend highly enough! -Steph, Ellesmere Port

''I highly recommend the Crystal Meditation classes ran by Star Sapphire Wellness. Each session is so relaxing & enjoyable, the atmosphere of the group is amazing and friendly. 
Carrie is so professional, calming and very all round wonderful experience.-Laura, Saughall, Chester

''I can’t recommend Carrie enough. My 15 year old daughter just had a session with her and she absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back. If there is anything your son or daughter is struggling with I really recommend Carrie''-Laura Jane, Ellesmere Port

''I loved the crystal meditation taster session very relaxing energising and enjoyable it was delivered beautiful with a very calming tutor . I benefited greatly for my condition.''-Jan, Ellesmere Port

''I didn't know what to expect before starting the course. I really enjoyed the course, and it has helped me to deal with past experiences that I didn't know were still affecting me. I feel more positive in my daily life. I hope I will continue with the practice. I would also like to know more about crystals and the ways in which they can help you.''-Staff member, Aviate.